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Boater Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a slip using my membership?
A. You book directly with the marina via Phone, Email, VHF. Please make sure you advise the marina partner of your Dock Links Membership to ensure you receive the discounted rate that you are entitled to.

Q. How far in advance can I book a slip?
A. Most partner marinas do not have a limit on how far in advance you can book. Dock Links does not limit advance bookings.

Q. What if the Marina I wish to attend is full?
A. Unfortunately, there is nothing that Dock Links can do if the Marina partner is fully booked. Each partner marina will do everything to accommodate all Dock Links members but offers no guarantees on availability on specific nights. Please try to book in advance!

Q. What if I don’t show up for my booking?
A. Each partner marina has its own cancellation policy. Please check with the marina at the time of booking.

Q. How long can I stay at a Dock Links Partner Marina?
A. Our partner marinas reserve the right to limit your discount to a maximum of 5 consecutive days. Many will allow a longer stay, check at the time of booking.

Q. How many times can I use my fuel discount?
A. There is no limit to how many times you can use your fuel discounts.

Q. Can I loan my membership card to a friend?
A. No, you are not able to loan your membership card. Your membership is registered to your watercraft. If you loan your watercraft then yes you could lend your membership to a friend as long as they are using your watercraft.

Q. What level membership should I purchase?
A. Depends on the size of your watercraft, anything over 24' in size needs the "Passport" membership. If your craft is under 24' or you don't own a watercraft you can purchase a "Passport Lite" membership.

Q. Does my membership level affect Insurance or Restaurant discounts?
A. No, these discounts are offered the same to all levels of membership.

Q. If I am already insured with a Partner Insurer, can I still get a discount on my insurance?
A. Yes, you can, if you’re not already receiving a discount from any other promotion. Only one discount at a time, please.

Q. Can I get insurance from a Partner Insurer as a stand alone policy or do they require me to insure my home with them as well?
A. Our Partner Insurers offer stand alone marine coverage, you do not need to move any other policies.

Q. What discounts do I get with my Passport Lite membership?
A. You will get all the same discounts as the Passport membership.

Q. Can I transfer my membership?
A. Yes, only to another boat, not to a different person. If you get a new boat please contact Dock Links and we will issue a new card for the new watercraft.

Q. Do the discounts ever change?
A. Yes, we try to offer new and better discounts as often as we can. Check the often to see the newest discounts.

Q. I’m currently staying on my boat, how will you mail me my membership card? I want to use it today!
A. Your membership card will be mailed to the address you use on the application form, If you are currently away from home on your boat or need to use your membership today you can use the receipt you will receive after paying for your membership. All partner marinas will accept the receipt either printed or on your phone. Your receipt will be emailed to you.

Q. I currently boat in the Muskokas but you don’t have any partner marinas in that area, can I still buy a membership to take advantage of the Insurance and other discounts?
A. Yes, anyone can purchase a membership and enjoy any of the benefits. Our Partner Insurers offer insurance across Canada. We offer memberships to anyone across Canada so they can save.